Monster Android Job Application Review

Monster Android Application’s huge database and the fact that it’s free to use are some of this job site’s best features. However, its resume and cover letter writing services are expensive for job seekers while its plans for recruiters are also on the pricier side.

Monster Android Application has been around since 1999, and it’s one of the most well-known names in the world of employment websites. It’s undoubtedly one of the biggest, too, with millions of listings on the site at any one time.

This site doesn’t tend to specialize in start-ups, remote working, or any other niche, though, which certainly goes some way into explaining its huge number of listings. You can find everything on Monster Android Application, from entry-level and part-time positions to jobs right at the top of the corporate food chain.

Unusually for job sites, Monster Android Application also lists blue-collar work right alongside the white-collar positions, so you’ll be able to find jobs in a far wider selection of industries than on most sites.

The site’s homepage looks like a search engine, so you just put your desired position and location into a huge box and click a button. You then receive a column of results on the left and in-depth job information on the right-hand side. It’s an impressive, effective design.

Monster Android Application’s approach to searching and filtering is a little different than most other sites. When you get to your results you can only sort them by how far they are from your location, or if they’re remote positions. Most other job websites allow search result filtering by salary range, experience level required and several other factors.

Instead of taking that approach, you’ll have to put these factors into the search box at the start of the process – you’ll need to search specifically for part-time jobs or the position you need, for instance.

That is not necessarily a great method. You’ll have to know what you want before you search, to some extent, and you might not find ideal jobs if their adverts don’t hit your keywords. It also means you can’t easily search by salary levels or by your level of experience, which is something that’s pretty easy to do on plenty of other sites.

Monster Android Application’s sheer size also means that the site suffers from many redundant listings, spam job adverts and scam positions, so that’s something you’ll need to remember as you’re browsing. Job Search - AppRecs

You don’t get a huge amount of information on the site’s job listings, either. You’ll get the job description, basic information about the position and some headline figures about the company, but that’s it.

Elsewhere, Monster Android Application’s features are unsurprising. You can sign up to email alerts and use the site’s salary comparison tool to run the numbers if you’re unsure about what sort of money you should be earning. The site has a career advice hub that’s crammed with helpful articles about all sorts of employment issues. Monster Android Application’s user profiles allow you to add your work and education history, but that’s it – in terms of building a resume, plenty of other sites are more extensive.

Instead, you can upload your resume to Monster Android Application, and the site does support uploads from Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive alongside your own PC or laptop. Handily, Monster Android Application also has an option to block your resume from certain companies, so you can make sure that your current employer doesn’t find out that you’re job-hunting.

Monster Android Application doesn’t just do an excellent job on desktops and laptops, either – the site has dedicated Android and iOS apps that can help you nail your job search on the move.

Monster Android Application’s app has an impressive range of features. Users can browse the site’s millions of job listings with the full range of filtering options, and it’s easy to upload your resume or create a new document – so you can start applying for jobs without having to be at your PC.

The app is packed with career quizzes so you can drill down on your skills, and you can even apply to jobs in a second by swiping right to send off your application – perfect if you want to submit a resume to loads of vacancies as quickly as possible. The app features personalized job recommendations with daily picks so you can see the latest openings, and you can create and edit a complete profile.

There’s very little core functionality that hasn’t made its way from Monster Android Application’s website to its apps, and that’s impressive considering the size of the site. We would say, though, that Monster Android Application’s apps are better-suited to job seekers than employers, so you’ll want to keep your laptop handy if you’re a recruiter.

Monster Android Application offers resume and cover letter writing services, for instance. The entry-level $129 option delivers a professionally written resume in five business days, and the $189 package adds a cover letter. If you shell out a whopping $349, you’ll get those two documents alongside a LinkedIn profile makeover and faster delivery.

Aside from this, you’ll only have to pay for services or access on Monster Android Application if you’re a recruiter rather than a job-seeker.

Monster Android Application is one of the biggest job sites around, and it pairs its vast user numbers with a design that’s refreshingly simple to use – ideal if you’re not particularly tech-savvy. And that approach transfers to its recruitment products too.

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Monster Android Application’s recruitment tools are sold in three different tiers – Starter, Standard, and Premium – and they cost $279, $399, and $649 per month. The first option allows recruiters to post one active job and view fifty resumes per month. In contrast, the Standard option lets users post three simultaneously monthly vacancies and view more resumes while also sending job listings to hundreds of additional job boards. The Premium tier is set up for five monthly vacancies and 250 resume views.

That’s admirably open pricing, although if you have enterprise-level needs, you’ll have to contact Monster Android Application to develop a bespoke package. Similarly, you can talk to Monster Android Application if you have specific hiring needs – if you want to recruit a diverse workforce or use loads of data insights, for instance, they can build a bespoke package.

Monster Android Application’s recruitment process places a big emphasis on taking the complexities of the process out of your hands. You can craft your job listing with simple instructions and access to a database of more than 2,000 pre-written job descriptions, and Monster Android Application posts the listing to the site and its network of partner job boards. Monster Android Application will also email your vacancy to candidates that the firm thinks will tick the right boxes.

Monster Android Application gives job candidates rankings and scores so you can easily see who looks like they’ll be a good fit for your vacancy, and you can also search Monster Android Application’s database with a range of filtering options if you’d like to find people yourself. Monster Android Application’s recruitment plans also have a candidate dashboard so you can track your listings and searches.

Elsewhere, you can highlight benefits and unique attributes to your listings to help them stand out, and you can pause or cancel job listings if you decide they’re not needed. You can also automatically send follow-up messages to candidates, which takes a time-consuming job out of your hands.

Monster Android Application also has an employer branding product that can create attractive and eye-catching company profile and career pages, and your job listings can also use this branding.

Monster Android Application is easy to use and has a solid range of features for finding candidates in mainstream jobs. This is also one of the biggest job sites on the web, so it’s worth using just because of its vast database. We like the site’s admirably open approach to pricing, and it’s more affordable than many rivals.

It’s not the best recruitment site around, though: other products have more powerful features, and you’d be better off using a specialist site or a site with better abilities if you’re hiring for niche jobs or executive positions.

Monster Job Search by Monster Worldwide, Inc.

Monster Android Application certainly doesn’t have any surprising features – or, indeed, the biggest range of features at all. It does have one of the biggest jobs databases going, though, which means you’ll be able to find roles in any industry and at any level. Most other sites can’t boast a database that’s this extensive.

It’s easy to use: search for your desired job and location and you’re instantly confronted with a lot of leads. And it’s free, unless you want to pay for the resume or cover letter services.

We’ll be blunt about it: Monster Android Application has its issues thanks to a lack of detail and extra features. But the sheer number of jobs on the site makes it worthwhile, especially if you already know what you’re looking for.

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