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tradeplus mobile app review

TradePlus Online , a discount stockbroker in India, provides the facility of mobile trading app to its clients. According to the claim of the share broker, this mobile app is different in itself and through this you can take advantage of many services like accounting of your account, its statement, etc.

Please do try out Tradeplus mobile app for your intraday trading as well positional trading.

In our analysis, we found that the stock broker has facilitated many aspects in this mobile app from its side but the update cycle of this app or the process of getting aware of new changes is very slow. And the interesting thing is that many other mobile apps that provide normal rendering are also not able to provide this service due to which they do not come in the category of best performing mobile apps in India.

TradePlus Mobile App Review

This mobile app of TradePlus has its own trading platform developed by the stockbroker through which you can invest in Equity, Currency, IPO, Bonds and Mutual Funds. Although TradePlus is a discount stockbroker, through this application you can get access to research and advice. As a trader or investor, you should check their advice properly first and then deal. 

Features of TradePlus Mobile App

Now let us move ahead in this review and understand the features provided by this app and how you can use this app for your trading needs.

Here is a detailed description of its features:

  • You can view your backoffice with the help of this mobile app. With this facility you can also view your Ledger Balance, DP Holding, Ledger Statement, Open Positions, Interest Payable or Accrued Interest, etc.
TradePlus Mobile App Review
  • With the integrated bank account facility, customers can transact and transfer their money between their trading and bank accounts. To provide this facility, this stockbroker has partnership with 23 banks.
TradePlus Mobile App Review
  • You can easily do analysis like pattern recognition, trend scanning, etc. by using their various analytical tools ie the facilities provided for analysis.
  • Analysis facility is also available at technical and fundamental level.
TradePlus Mobile App Review
  • You can view reports like order book, trade book, funds view, current holding, net position, etc. with the help of this mobile app.
  • Using technical indicators, it is possible to view various types of charts.
  • The app also gives you information about your trading limit and available margin.
  • Using the Alert Management System (AMS) of this app, you can view the current status of your stocks, and add, subtract or change alerts.
TradePlus Mobile App Review

configuration or shape

Here is the configuration of the TradePlus app:

  • Can be used on Android phones with minimum 3G / 4G or Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Android version must be 4.1

Benefits of TradePlus Mobile App 

Here are the benefits associated with using the TradePlus Mobile App:

  • Messaging facility is provided within this app, due to which you can solve your problems easily with the help of message instead of email or mobile phone.
TradePlus Mobile App Review
  • Daily, weekly or fortnightly reports are available.
  • Margin and brokerage calculator service is available within the TradePlus mobile app.
  • Due to the partnership with 23 well-known and major banks, money transactions can be done easily.
  • This mobile app is safe to use due to the facility of UCC based authentication.

Disadvantages of TradePlus Mobile App:

  • Guest login facility is not available in this app.
  • iOS or Apple version is not available in this app of TradePlus.
  • You cannot invest in the commodity sector using this app.
  • Sometimes performance related problems also come.

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