What Is Explurger Android App?

Explurger App

What is Explurger android App? What is Explorer android App ? This many people want to know, who have not used this app yet, in today’s time there is a mobile android application used like social media on the internet, in which the giant company like Facebook (Meta) was in the hearts of the people of the past. I have made a place in it, but even after this, the Indian app Explurger android App remains a topic of much discussion in today’s time, so let’s understand about it in detail. 

Social media like Facebook is used by almost every smartphone user in today’s time, since it is an old application, for this it is also easy to use for many people, apart from this there are many different social media types of apps. is being used by the users today, but recently the Explurger App, launched by the popular Indian film actor Sonu Sood, has become popular in many other countries including India in a short time.

What Is Explurger android App? What Is Explorer App ?

The Explurger android App was launched by the Indian film industry’s actor actor Sonu Sood along with CEO Jatin Bhatia on the occasion of 15 August, and only after the launch of this android app, people from many other countries including India started joining it and seeing it. It started becoming a popular app. This app has been made with a lot of planning, and its marketing was also done very well, due to which many users started joining this app since its launch. 

Explorers is such an android app launched in 2022 (New age social app), which is designed for the benefit of users apart from social media platform, this android app has been launched with very easy user interface, so that any new User can also use it easily. The slogan of this app “Not here, not social” is being liked a lot. 

About The Explorer android App 

App NameExplurger App
Origin CountryIndia
CEOJatin Bhatia
Downloads10+ lacs
Type of AppSocial media
Rating of App4.7

Purpose Of The Explurger android App 

It is generally seen that the user using big social media apps like Facebook and Instagram spends a long time in it while scrolling the screen, due to which he spends a lot of time just for his entertainment, this app is called It is designed in this way, if the user spends his time in it, then it will benefit him in many ways. 

This app has been created for the purpose of traveling and discovering new places, users joining here are allowed to share photos and videos etc. from different places, so that other users can get more information in visiting new places. be easy to do. To fulfill this purpose, many users are constantly joining this app. 

How To Download Explurger android App?

If you have understood about the Explurger android App, then the question must be coming in your mind that how to download this amazing app? If you are an Android user, you can download this app from Google Play Store, if you use Apple device, you can download this app from Apple App Store. 

This app has got an excellent rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store, and this android app has been downloaded by more than 10 lakh people at the time of writing the post, apart from this app is also available in many other countries besides India. Being liked a lot. 

How To Create Account On Explurger android App?

If you want to use this app, then you can create your account with the help of below steps. 

Step1. First you download and install the Explurger android App 

Step2. Click on Next by giving all the required permissions 

Step3. Here you can open your account through your Google email  

Step4. After opening the account, you can give other information by putting your photo 

Step5. In this way you can create your account on Explurger App. 

How To Use Explurger android App?

If you have installed the Explurger App and created your account on it, then it is very easy to use, it has a very nice and simple interface, let’s try to understand it. 

First of all, you see a menu of three dots on the top left side, by clicking on which you can see your profile and other details etc. 

In the left side, you get the option of message and search, where you can see your chatting, apart from this you can also search for a person using the search option. 

Towards the bottom of the android app, you get the option of Home, Trending, Create, Rewards and Notifications. 

Clicking on Home takes you to the front or main page. 

By clicking on the trending option, you can see the videos in trend etc. 

You can share videos, text or photos as a post by clicking on the Create option.

Explurger app

You can see the details of all the rewards by clicking on the Rewards option. 

Explurger app Hindi

Through Notifications, you can see the notifications received on your profile. 

In this way you can use Explurger App very easily. 

How Does The Explurger App Work?

Explurger App is the latest social media app, which is built on the basis of AI (Artificial Intelligence), through this app, people have tried to benefit other users by recording the description of the journey, in this app Whenever existing users go to visit a place, they share their photo or video with that location, so that people get to see the real photo of that place. 

You get rewards for sharing photos, videos or posts on this app, here you get kudos kudos for the post you share, which is in place of likes, here you get the option to give one, two and three kudos If you like a user’s post, you can give him a like 1, 2, or 3 kudos. 

In this way, when every user shares his journey through photos or videos, he gets kudos as a reward, apart from showing your status in the form of miles on your profile. It is very fun, so many people are also joining this app. 

What Is Kudos In Explurger App?

The Explurger App is a unique android app, in which the posts shared during the journey will be used to help other users. Here when someone publishes a post, other users give kudos as likes on the post, a user can give 1, 2, or 3 kudos. In this way, kudos work as a kind of reward. 

Benefits Of Explurger App 

The Explurger App is designed in such a way that this android app is becoming popular as an information provider with its new interface and style, but what are many Explurger App? Before knowing this, if you want to know about its benefits, then let us tell you, on this app you get many such users, who visit the best philosophical places of the country and the world, and share the photos there. . 

In this way, if you are thinking of traveling to a place, then you can really understand the latest reports and weather information, apart from this, if you are active on this android app, and you get good rewards, So you also get a good discount on the ticket or hotel stay on visiting from the app here. 

In this way, Explurger App is proving to be a fun app as well as a beneficial app, if you also want to join this app, then you can also join many popular bloggers apart from Jatin Bhatia and Sonu Sood here. can. 

Which Country’s App Is The Explurger App?

Through this article, you have come to know that the Explurger app is an application of India, it was launched by Jatin Bhatia and Sonu Sood together after 2.5 years of development in India right in other country. So if you want to know,  where is the Explurger android app, then it is an Indian app. 


From the information given here, you must have understood  what is Explurger android App? What is Explorer App ? If you have not used this app even once, then you should definitely check it once and if you have used it, then do tell through the comment how you liked this app.