What Is Dekko App?


In today’s article, we will know what is Dekko app In today’s time, everyone likes to read news to keep themselves updated . But it takes more time and on a news paper or news channel you get only the news shown there. If you want to see selected news in less time then you can download Dekko app in your smart phone, let’s understand about Dekko app .

In today’s digital age it is very easy to keep yourself smart and up to date , you can easily get news from mobile to keep yourself connected with the latest news but it is not that easy too many present in our mobile. We get news from various types of websites and online TV channels, but it also takes time to visit these platforms, so you can use many types of mobile apps to make this work easier, but in less time if If you want to watch any news then Dekko app is the best option for you, here you get a short news in 30 seconds and here you get to see the major news of every channel .

Dekko App Review

If you do any kind of job or you are a businessman, due to paucity of time, it is a bit difficult for all of you to read news paper or watch news channel daily, in such a situation it is difficult to get the necessary information for all of you . In a hurry while reading, you miss many important news and many types of advertisements on news channel also spoil our time, in such a situation, if you can see the important news of all the channels in less time with the help of Dekko app , let’s understand finally dekko What is an app and how does it work.

What Is Dekko App ?

This is one type of news providing application, with the help of this app you can watch news of your favorite news channel in just 30 seconds and can see next news by simply swiping screen, in this way you can head many news channel in less time. You can see the news. This app is being liked by a lot of users and many people are also liking the concept of showing this news .

This application is still a new app on play store but its concept is being liked and this app has been rated 4.6 on play store and this app has been downloaded by about 10 thousand people, so the initial time It is getting good response in me.

How To Download Dekko App ?

If you want to download this app amazing application in your mobile then you can download it from google play store follow the steps given below to understand the downloading process.

What is Dekko app

Step 1. First of all open google play store in your mobile

Step 2. Now search the dekko app in the search box

Step 3. Now you will see the interface of dekko app

Step 4. Now you download this application in your mobile

Step 5. After downloading , you install this app by giving necessary permissions

Step 6. Now you can easily open this app and use it.

How to use Dekko app ?

When you open this app in your mobile, then it is very easy to use it, to use it, definitely read the points given below.

• First of all you open this app

• Now the news starts playing as soon as it is opened in front of you

• Here you are shown the news of 30 seconds

• You are shown here brief news of major news channels in 30 seconds

• Here you can also choose the channel of your choice

• Here you get information about the latest and trending news in a short time.

In this way, you can get the necessary information of a news in just 30 seconds by using dekko app . Normally when we watch a news on TV, a news is shown there for a long time, in such a way, the time of the viewer is It gets wasted and the beholder also gets bored. In such a situation, you can use this app like a short video showing app.

With the help of the above article, you must have understood what is Dekko app And how can we download and use it ? In today’s era, people get news from many platforms all the time to know all kinds of news, but to save your time you can use this type of application, with the help of Dekko app , you can choose your favorite channel or trending. You can get the ongoing news in just 30 seconds.