How To Use Signal Messenger App

Signal messenger app

In this article, we will know how to use Signal messenger app as you all know that whatsapp is going to make changes in its privacy , now the data you share on whatsapp will not be private , whatsapp can use it anywhere else. You have to give permission only then you can use whatsapp .

Due to this type of policy, many people now want to use Signal , which is used as the best alternative to whatsapp . Demand has increased, if you have also planned to use Signal , then read this article completely, here we will know how to use Signal messenger app ? Step by step in easy way.

Which Country Is The Signal Messenger App From ?

WhatsApp Messenger  is used in large quantities all over the world including India, but now WhatsApp is going to change its privacy policy , after which now WhatsApp can use your data on Facebook or Instagram , which means now your private data is private. Will not done.

Now many people will not use whatsapp because everyone wants to keep their data secure and many times we send or receive such private files on whatsapp which we do not want to show to anyone, then you will think of alternative of whatsapp in your mind. And you will think which app should be used instead of whatsapp .

Signal app and Telegram are being liked a lot as an alternative to Whatsapp , where your data is also completely secure and you can chat and exchange data with ease.

How To Use Signal Messenger App ?

In the era of technology, now everyone uses technology to make their work smart and fast, mobile phone is now used a lot by every person, common person does many important things through smart phone , mainly in this Important data has to be shared.

When data is to be shared through mobile phones , people mostly use whatsapp and under it there are necessary text images files etc. and no one wants these important files to be known to any other person.

Everyone uses such messenger or app keeping in mind their privacy but now you will be able to use whatsapp only if you allow it to use your files on other platforms like facebook instagram etc.

So now looking at the solution to this problem, many people will no longer use whatsapp and will use telegram or signal instead, if you want to use signal then you should know about it how you can use it.

Learn How To Use The Signal Messenger App

Here we will tell you step by step so that it will be easy for you to use the signal app .

Step 1. Download signal app

• If you are android user then to download signal app you open   play store open apple app store using apple

• Now you search the signal app using the search option, as soon as this app comes in front of you, you download it

• After downloading , you install this app by giving the necessary permissions

• Now you can use this app with ease .

Step 2. Open Signal app

• After downloading , you open this app

• Now a popup display related to privacy will come in front of you, from where you can read the privacy policy of this app if you want .

• Now you click on the Continue button given below 

• After this a popup window will open in front of you where you are told about accessing the data related to chatting calling, after that you continue 

Step 3. Register mobile number in signal app 

• Now you will get an option to enter your mobile number after selecting your country. 

• After entering the phone number, you click on the next button 

• Now a code will come on your mobile number which this app will take automatically. 

Step 4. Set up your signal profile 

• Now you will have the option to complete your profile, where you can set your image by clicking on the camera icon, you can use both camera and gallary to take the image. 

• Now you set your username, after that you click on the next button 

Step 5. Set your signal password 

• Now you can set a PIN for your account which should be at least 4 characters 

• After that you confirm by entering the pin again 

Step 6. Start Signal app 

• Now your signal will start and in the beginning a popup will appear in front of you from where you can set the messages coming on mobile to receive the default on it. 

• After this, now you can start sending messages from the text or image icon given below, by clicking on it, you will get the option to invite friends from where you can invite the people of your contact. 

Step 7. Note to self 

• Now you can write yourself in the beginning and start the signal

• Along with this, you can send images, videos, location contacts etc. along with text like whatsapp. 

In this way you can use the Signal app and the best part is that it is completely secure. When you share a file or text, you see a small lock on the send button indicating that That the data shared by you is secure. 

How To Delete Signal Account 

If you are checking by creating an account on signal after which you have to delete the account or for any other reason you want to delete your signal account or profile, then for this you do this 

• Open Signal, click on the three dot shown in the right top

• Click on setting option 

• Click on Advance Option 

• Now you will see the option of delete account from where you can delete your Signal account. 

In this way, you can understand and use the signal from the information given here, here we have given this information keeping in mind the new users due to the demand of signal messenger app, so that if you do not want to use whatsapp then signal can use the app. 

Now you must have understood  how to use the Signal messenger app and hope  you would have liked the information given here, looking at the new policy system of whatsapp, you can use signal or telegram, both of which can be seen as an alternative to whatsapp. are.