How To Use B612 App

B612 App

Today in this article we will understand how to use B612 App? Because this app is being used a lot for the best and effective mobile photography and this app is very famous for taking selfies and recording videos from mobile. In this app, you get to see many types of magical effects, with the help of which you can click the best photos from your mobile or you can also record short videos.

On the Internet, you get many types of applications, with the help of which you can click the best photos by putting effects, B612 is also a similar app, in today’s article we will discuss this app in detail and also know How to use B612 because many times it happens that many people install this app after hearing about it but properly do not understand it and uninstall it if you want to know in detail about the use of this app. If you want, read this post completely.

How To Use B612 App

Many people are fond of clicking photos with the help of their smart phones and now for the best photos, the best quality cameras are also coming in the mobile, but if you do not have a special camera in your mobile then you do not need to be disappointed. Using the B612 app, you can click effective photos from your mobile.  

Before knowing how to use this app, let us know a short information about it, what is B612 app?

What Is B612 App? What Is The B612 App In Hindi 

This is an image and video filter editing app, using this you can add magical effects to your photos and also record videos with different types of effects. In this, you get to see many types of beauty filter stickers and many options, when you use this app, then you will understand how to use it. 

So let’s know about its main options, using which you can create effective photos and videos.

How To Download B612 App 

If you want to download this app then you can download it from google play store in your android mobile and if you are iphone user then you can download this app from apple app store. You can follow the steps given below for easy understanding. Step 1. First of all open google play store in your mobile and open iphone user apple app store  Step 2. Now you search by typing B612 in the search box Step 3. When you get the search result, you download this one Step 4. Once downloaded, you install it in your mobile Step 5. Now you can open this app and use it In this way you can easily download this app from google play store and use it. 

How To Use B612 App

To use this app, you can follow the points given below, so that it will be easy for you to understand how to use this app. • First you open the B612 app • Now the mobile camera will open in front of you and some options will appear above and below this app. 

• We first understand the points below, you can make the photo even more attractive by applying many types of filters to the image using Filter.

• Now you can click photos using different types of beauty options like mackup face slim in addition to beauty option.

• In this you mainly get many types of options for beauty and makeup like face, head, skin, pore, brighten etc. 

• After this you get the option of filter below, so that you can make your photo more effective in a different way or you can also make a video with the best filter. 

• In this you get to see many types of filters, which you can select according to your choice by clicking on the images given below.  

• If you want to make a video, then in the last row at the bottom, you will see the option of video, on which you can click and make a video. 

• When you record a video, you also see the option of music in it, so that you can add music to the video as well as you get to see many effects in it. 

• Apart from this, you also get some options on the top side, in which if you click on the first option with three dots, then many options like Flash, Timer, Night mode, Auto save are seen. 

• You can select your size by clicking on the second number option, whatever size video or image you want to make.

• After this, by clicking on the given option, you can apply other filters to the photo or video in many ways. 

• You can flip the camera and switch to selfie camera or back camera using the option given above. In this way, you can use this app in a better way by reading the above points thoroughly. As you use this app, you will get to see many types of features in it, from which you can make great photos and videos.

From the given information, you must have understood  

how to use B612 App , you get many types of apps of this category on the Play store, so that you can make photos and videos effectively. But this app is very popular, in this you get many types of filters to make videos and photos attractive, due to its best features, this app has been downloaded 500+ million times only on play store and it has a rating of 4.3 Found it Hope you liked this post.