How To Use Rizzle App

Rizzle app

In today’s article, we will know how to use Rizzle app? How to use Rizzle app Hindi? And some special things related to it. If you want to know about Rizzle app then read this article from beginning to end. Here we will learn about its use step by step. 

In today’s time, new apps are being launched for Android mobiles, and people always like easy to use apps, so if you download and check every single app, then you will take a lot of time. And most of the users do not know about the new apps, how to use it? Today we will tell you about the Rizzle app, how you can use it.

How To Use Rizzle App? How To Use Rizzle App In Hindi

You get to see many apps in the short video making category on the Internet, after the ban of popular apps like Tiktok, many apps in its alternate form started emerging. At the same time, the competition in these types of apps is also very high. But people like to download only those apps where good features and convenience are available.

The Rizzle app is also an app of a similar category, with the help of which you can create short videos as well as you can also watch videos of other users and like and comment on those videos.

What Is Rizzle App?  

Rizzle app is a short video making app, with the help of this you can watch short videos and react by commenting on it. And also you can upload your video by logging in by creating your account on it.

You get Rizzle app on Google Play Store from where you can download this app and use this app, let’s understand how to download this app. 

How To Download Rizzle App

If you want to download this app then follow the below given points  

First of all open play store in your mobile 

Now search Rizzle app in the search box 

Download this app now 

After download, install it in your mobile 

Now you can use this app easily

After downloading this app, now the question will come in front of you, how to use it? So let’s understand this too.

How To Use Rizzle App 

If you want to know how to use this app then follow the steps given below. 

Step 1. First of all you open this app 

Step 2. Now you will get the option to login with Google 

How to use Rizzle app

Step 3. Select your Google account and login 

Step 4. Now the home page of Rizzle app will come in front of you

How to use Rizzle app

Step 5. Here you will see videos of other users playing, which you can change by swiping. 

Step 6. You can also like and share along with watching the videos playing on this app. 

Step 7. Also you can react on these videos by clicking on the option of the video.

How to use Rizzle app

Step 8.  Now if you want to complete or edit your profile, then you can edit the profile by clicking on the option of profile.

Step 9. You can search your favorite using the search option. 

Step 10. By using the following option given at the top, you can see the activity of those people whom you have followed. Apart from this, you can see top videos with the help of top option. 

With the help of the above steps, you must have understood how to run the Rizzle app, so now let’s understand how we can create and publish our own video. 

How To Make Video On Rizzle App 

If you want to know that with the help of this app, how we can upload our own videos, then for this you follow the points given below.

• First of all you go to the home page of this app 

• Now you go to the camera option 

• Now here you get many types of cetegory channels, from which you can select any category according to you.  

• Now click on the camera icon you see above 

How to use Rizzle app

• Now the camera of your mobile will be turned on, which you can switch from front to back camera by clicking on the flip option.

• Now you can make video by pressing the recording button. 

How to use Rizzle app

• Apart from this, if you want to add music to the video, then click on the music option where you can choose your favorite from many types of music.

How to use Rizzle app

• You can use the option of Talk about a picture given below by telling about a photo in the video. 

How to use Rizzle app

• If you make a video using all these settings, then after that you publish it. 

How to use Rizzle app

• Before publishing any video, you must put the title of the video and the necessary tags

• After this, you publish the video by clicking on the post in the last. 

In this way you can upload short videos using Rizzle App. 

After reading this article, now you must have understood  how to use Rizzle app? And how  can we make a video on this. Hope you liked this post, if you want to give any kind of suggestion, then do comment.