Best Educational Apps for Students to Learn Online – Best Educational Apps for Students for Online Learning

You must have downloaded dozens of apps in your mobile . But, do you use your smartphone for your education ? If yes, then some educational apps will also be there in your mobile.

Because, today in the app market, we will get to see applications on different subjects according to the classes within the education category along with the apps we want.

But among them there are some useful, helpful apps for students that will prove to be very helpful for students of all classes studying in school.

Therefore, in this article, we are presenting some such apps to the students which will help them in their education.

And yes, after reading this article till the end, do not forget to comment and comment which one you think is the most useful app in this list.

14 Best Educational Apps for Students in India

  1. Byju’s
  2. Vedantu
  3. UnfoldU
  4. Wikipedia
  5. My CBSE Guide CBSE Papers and NCERT Solution
  6. dual language
  7. Khan Academy
  8. Meritnation
  9. Udemy
  10. Topper
  11. Educart
  12. Simplylearn
  13. Sololearn
  14. Gyanly

#1 Byju’s

You must have often seen the advertisement of this app on TV or mobile phone. It is a well managed Edutech startup. The purpose of which is to teach things to the students in a fun way.

This is a Top Educational App in India, in which students get Engaging Video Lessons. Due to which he is able to create a school-like environment by sitting at home.

In this educational app, you get to see many materials like Mock Tests and Sample Papers for the preparation of students  from class 7th to 12th through expert teachers in their subjects .

The App also helps you to prepare for competitive exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, CAT etc.

This app helps in improving the performance of the students by thoroughly analyzing the online tests given by the students in the app.

This is a very helpful app on play store for students studying from CBSE board. Keeping in mind the education of the students, in this educational app, you have been given Sample Papers, Mock Tests, Video Lessons, Chapter Wise Questions as well as NCERT questions and their answers.

Students who are very serious about studies, this application in their mobile is helpful for them to study anywhere anytime.


Vedantu is an online learning platform created by three IIT friends with the aim of helping students in whatever way they can through specialized teachers.

The specialty of the app is that you can study here individually or by joining group classes. Along with quality education provided by experts, this app supports Two Way Communication.

Through which students and teachers can listen, see and write to each other through audio/video calls just like in a classroom.

This online platform called Vedantu is very useful for the student of class 6th to class 12th and for students preparing for competitive exams.

#3 UnfoldU

For Indian students studying from Nursery to 12th, you get to see a valuable app on the Play Store , which is named Unfold You. This application is made by Harish Kumar ji. This app allows students to focus on self study without being dependent on others

You can also use this application as a tuition teacher. This app gives equal opportunity of education to all. In this app you can now prepare for computer table exams like JEE, AIPMT, CAT & IAS. This is one of the best learning apps in India right now in which you can also get previous year question papers.

The good thing is that this app is available in both Hindi and English languages.

#4 Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the storehouse of knowledge on the Internet . From here you can dig out the knowledge.

As a student, if you have searched for any information related to any of your subjects on Google. So perhaps you must have visited the Wikipedia website. But do you know? 

Wikipedia even has a mobile application! And you can start reading and getting information related to any topic especially current affairs, trending topics in one click by installing Wikipedia app in your mobile.

The Wikipedia app has 39 million articles available in 300 languages ​​of the world including English, Hindi.

In the Wikipedia app, you can get in-depth information on any topic from current topics to history. Voice integrated feature has been given in this app for the convenience of the students. You can use the app easily even at night, this app also supports Light & Dark Theme.

#5 My CBSE Guide CBSE Papers and NCERT Solution

If the NCERT book is in your syllabus, then by downloading this app in your mobile, you can get the answer of NCERT question for free.

This app provides you CBSE Sample Papers, Quick Revision Notes, and Videos, Online Test Practice for students from KG to 12th , giving you a list of important questions based on online chapters for your better education . So that the students can prepare themselves for the exam.

Hence this eLearning App can be called a Must Have App for the students. Because, CBSE website has been one of the most trusted sites for students as well as teachers.

#6 Dual language

Indian students who are especially fond of learning English (because its demand has increased a lot with time), then let us tell you that Dualingo app is such a popular application in the world which helps you to learn many languages ​​of the world like English, French, German etc. does.

Also, this app for studies also helps you to improve your Vocabulary & Grammar Skills through Questions & Answers and Lessons in English subject.

The great thing about the app is that you can also practice what you have learned. You can practice Reading, Listening and Writing Skills of any language while playing the game in a fun way and you can install this free app now.

#7 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a world famous online learning portal. Where you can study computer programming, history, art, science and other subjects without sitting in the class room. In Khan Academy, studies are done through videos, exercises.

You can learn anything for free through this portal called Khan Academy. You get to see more than 10,000 videos related to very important topics like Math, Science, Economics with Explanation.

The good thing about the app is that you can also study offline. The Easy Navigation and Search Bar given in the app helps you to get information about any subject.

#8 Meritnation

This app called Meritnation is available on Play Store. This application helps the students to solve their school related questions.

This app contains educational material for the students of CBSE board from class 6th to 12th So far more than 15 million students are using this popular app in their smartphones.

Because this mobile application provides study material to the students as well as helps them in completing their homework. Also, sample papers to help the student in exam time, along with previous year question paper helps them to come in the list of toppers in the exam.

This app provides you with unlimited question practice, preparation of revision notes as well as attractive animation, video lessons. So this is a great application for students which you must try.

#9 Udemy

You must have probably heard and seen the advertisement of this popular e-learning platform called Udemy. In this online world, Udemy is helping students to get quality education.

Udemy App gives you more emphasis on studying career related subjects instead of your schooling. On this platform called Udemy, you will get something different like here, in addition to Programming Languages ​​like Designing Course, Photoshop, Illustrator, Ethical Hacking courses for which lakhs of rupees are learned in the market. You can learn them on Udemy. 

Teaches students on this platform in an easy and intuitive way. That’s why Udemy is famous all over the world for doing such big courses online. If you like any course in Udemy then during the festive season Udemy offers that course to the students with huge discount.

Therefore, through a certified teacher, you can also expand your skills by taking a course in Udemy.

#10 Topper

This application named Topper is proving to be very helpful in the matter of education for CBSE students. Application named Topper provides you study material according to different classes.

Along with this, this application provides various types of content for students preparing for board exams to competitive exams like engineering, commerce or medical entrance exams.

It is a great eLearning app for CBSE and ICSE students from class 5th to 12th in India Also, Live Seasons are provided by Expert Teachers on this app called Topper to the students preparing for JEE and NEET.

The special thing is that students studying from CBSE get lectures in both Hindi and English languages ​​through this app. Real Time Doubts Clearing feature has been given in the app. With which you can ask your questions at any time, whether it can be on any subject of Mathematics, Chemistry, Science.

#11 Educart

This company named Educart is one of the best e-learning companies in India. It started in India in the year 2011 and till now this application provides you more than two thousand courses.

On this online learning platform, you get Degree Courses, Diploma Course Admission. Also, students preparing for competitive exams can also prepare using this learning platform.

Useful features like Online Test, Live Chat, Online Assignment have been added to the app. So that the students can get the solution of their every problem immediately while studying on the mobile laptop.

Along with this, the attendance of the students who are present during the studies is also taken into account with the Smart Attendance feature.

#12 Simplylearn

Another great e-learning app in India for students studying online. In view of the better education and career of a student, more than 400 courses and articles have been made available in it.

You can also join any course according to your wish according to the categories. Although you may have to pay for some courses, but you will get to see most of the useful courses on this learning platform for free.

After taking these courses, you get Lifetime Access so that you can start studying anywhere anytime.

#13 Sololearn App

Keeping in view the demand of the times, today people are becoming more inclined to learn computer programming languages; As the technology is increasing, the career prospects in this field are also increasing.

If you are also willing to learn Coding, then this is the best platform to learn other programming languages ​​like HTML , CSS , Java. So far more than 50 lakh students have used this application to learn Coding.

Using the application is absolutely free, you can use this app to create a coder profile in this app and take your career to the advanced level in the world of coding. The great thing about the app is that you will not need any computer to do coding, you will be able to learn coding from mobile.

#14 Gyanly

Gyanly is an online learning platform from where students can learn online skills required for the digital world along with the skills required for the school/college.

This app is available for free download on Play Store which you can install on your smartphone and start learning digital skills right away.

Computer Basic Computer Course, MS Word, Basic Spreadsheet and Powerpoint Basic Course etc. Digital skill courses are available free of cost on Gyanly App . You can use this great and native education app to enhance your digital skills.

what have you learned?

In this article, we have given you complete information about Best Education App. You have known that which are the best education apps available to study online in India.

Along with this, you have also known some special features and some drawbacks of all these apps.

We hope that this article will prove useful to you and you will like it.